The Mécénat Servier Charity Fund is renewing the rounding up salary with microDON for 2020-2021.

This initiative allows Servier employees in France to volunteer and to support one of the partner non-profit organizations. Indeed, they can make a microdonation each month, directly debited from their net salary, with the possibility of rounding it up from 1€ to 10€ maximum. Mécénat Servier joins this solidarity initiative by matching the equivalent amount of employee donations.

During the first year of the campaign, the participation of 17.7% of employees in France enabled us to collect 24,068.39€, a total of 48,136.78€ with the contribution of Mécénat Servier.

The donations collected were donated to one of our three charity partners:

  • ACTION ENFANCE: a French foundation that welcomes, protects, and educates children in danger, from early childhood to adult life.
  • L’ENVOL POUR LES ENFANTS EUROPEENS: a French association that fights against the exclusion of families faced with the serious illness of a child, through four entirely free initiatives: adapted stays, recreational outings, fun educational workshops at the hospital, and online activities.
  • THE CUOMO DE DAKAR CARDIO-PEDIATRIC CENTER IN DAKAR, SENEGAL: a humanitarian project in partnership with La Chaîne de L’Espoir charity, The CHU de Fann and la Fondation Cuomo which led to the opening in 2017 of an Institute of the Heart in Dakar. Mécénat Servier finances the training of the medical team and the care of children undergoing open heart surgery.

A look back at the 2019-2020 campaign:

From October 1, 2020, the campaign will continue with Servier donors, with the same charity partners.