Espérance Banlieues Poissy, new charity partner of Mécénat Servier

Mécénat Servier has signed a partnership with the association Espérance Banlieues Poissy. The association has the label of the Espérance Banlieues network, which has enabled it to make the opening of a new school in Poissy a reality.

The private primary schools « Le Cours La Galiote » opened in November 2020 following the agreement of the rectorate. The aim of this school is to fight against children dropping out of school, particularly in the city’s priority neighborhoods. Within the next five years, the association would like to be able to create five classes of fifteen students from CP to CM2.

Mécénat Servier has helped financed this project with a contribution of 60 000 € over two years. This amount includes, among other things, the salary of the Director of the school, who was hired last July.

In addition, skills-based sponsorship missions will be considered with Servier employees as soon as the health situation permits.