Mécénat Servier supports the Foch Foundation

Mécénat Servier Charity Fund recently signed a partnership with the Foch Foundation of Suresnes to support the medical teams of the Foch Hospital during this unprecedented health crisis.

The Foch Foundation, created in 1929, has always asserted its humanist and social character to ensure that all Foch Hospital patients, without social distinction, receive the best medical and surgical care, as well as the best conditions of welcome and comfort. The Foundation’s raison d’être has been to create a hospital that is a frontrunner in all fields.

Thanks to the support of Mécénat Servier, an endowment of €53,624 has enabled the acquisition of two types of equipment for the intensive care unit of the Foch Hospital:

  • 2 medical ventilators for emergency transport, ensuring high-flow oxygenation and management of vital distress for patients outside the intensive care unit.
  • 6 high-flow oxygenation devices avoiding the intubation of the patient, thus avoiding possible after-effects related to sedation (neurological disorders, motor disorders …). This machine also avoids the use of a resuscitation bed. This less invasive oxygenation mode reduces the recovery time and the length of hospitalization.

This contribution limits the impact of Covid-19 patient flow management on the other activities of the hospital. Servier employees will also be volunteer through skills-based sponsorship missions as soon as the health situation allows it.