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Mécénat Servier has carried out operations in 32 countries since its creation in 2016. Discover our latest news.

Mécénat Servier supports two new projects abroad

Every year, Mécénat Servier launches its “Joint Initiatives” call for projects open to all our Servier sites worldwide. This provides an opportunity for local teams to identify large-scale projects of general interest and enables them to get involved through skills-based sponsorship missions. The selected projects are each awarded €100,000 from the Charity Fund for a two-year period.

This year, the Mécénat Servier Selection Committee has decided to broaden the Group’s international scope of action and support the Teach For Bulgaria and Teach For Romania non-profit organizations, as well as the Juanfe Foundation in Colombia.

Promoting access to quality education for all Bulgarian and Romanian children

Teach For Bulgaria and Teach For Romania are network partners of Teach For All, the world’s largest organization fighting educational inequality, operating in 61 countries. It expands learning opportunities for children from disadvantaged communities, facilitates capacity-building for teachers and advocates improved education policies.

Today, both Bulgaria and Romania are faced with a shortage of qualified teachers able to work with low-income communities. Early school leavers are still among the highest in Europe, and modern digital technologies are barely integrated into the education system.

The project supported by our two subsidiaries aims to strengthen the abilities of the new generation of teachers who are keen to serve the most disadvantaged state schools in Romania and Bulgaria.Through a two-year program, Teach For Bulgaria and Teach For Romania will train and equip these teachers with modern teaching methods, including digital solutions. The aim is to both secure the long-term future of teachers in these most vulnerable areas, and reduce the risk of local children dropping out of school.

“Investing in equal access to quality education for all children is vital to help those from disadvantaged backgrounds and unlock their potential. We are grateful to Mécénat Servier for recognizing this and supporting the joint initiative of Teach For Bulgaria and Teach For Romania.”

Iuliana Pielmus, CEO of Teach For Romania and Trayan Trayanov, CEO of Teach For Bulgaria

“As a company, it is our personal and professional duty to help the community by contributing to an impactful education to all children. Aligned with the Servier ambition, we are committed to playing an active and positive role in our local communities”

Andreea Videanu, HR Director at Servier Romania and Antoaneta Nestorova, HR Director at Servier Bulgaria

Supporting and integrating teenage mothers into the professional world in Colombia

The Juanfe Foundation is a Colombian organization that has been working for 22 years to break the poverty cycles of marginalized teen mothers by improving their living conditions and building a better future for them. Its work ranges from psychosocial assessment to behavioral, preventive, educational and apprenticeship training with a view to securing sustainable employment.

Colombia has one of the highest teenage fertility rates in Latin America. As such, the project aims to improve the living conditions of these very young mothers and their children in Cartagena and Medellín, by providing them an education and technical vocational training on the one hand, and helping them to secure stable employment on the other.

‘’At the Juanfe Foundation we are extremely grateful for the partnership with Mécénat Servier. Thanks to this project, 150 teen mothers will have better access to job opportunities, which should improve their quality of life and pave the way for a better future for their children and families.”

María Laura Rocha, National Project Leader at Juanfe Foundation

“At Servier Colombia, we focus our efforts on the development of our employees, as protagonists for a better future, that is fairer and committed to social transformation, sustainability, and caring for the planet”

Carol Galeano, Head of Human Resources at Servier CEP (Colombia, Ecuador and Peru cluster)

Since its creation, the Mécénat Servier Charity Fund has aimed to provide everyone, especially the most vulnerable, the same chances of success through access to education.

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