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Volunteer programs

Mécénat Servier encourages and facilitates the commitment of Group employees through four volunteer programs.

How to get involved?

Mécénat Servier encourages the individual and collective commitment of Servier employees.

This commitment can take several forms:

  • Skills-based sponsorship
  • Congé Solidaire® (solidarity leave)
  • L’ARRONDI sur salaire* (rounding down salary)
  • Solidarity seminars

All Group employees also have the opportunity to propose a partnership to Mécénat Servier for a specific project with a nonprofit organization of which they are members.

*In France, since October 2019, L’ARRONDI sur salaire (rounding down salary), also enables employees to make a micro-donation to a partner non-profit organization.

Skills-based sponsorship

Skills-based sponsorship enables Servier employees to get involved in non-profit organizations during their work hours. Subsidiaries and sites are free to organize their activities and give their teams the time they need.

To see the various opportunities:

In France, each employee can commit four days per year (two days offered by the company, two days set by the employee).


employee commitments in skills-based sponsorship since launch.

Senior skills-based sponsorship

Senior skills-based sponsorship program is an end-of-career scheme offered to senior employees in France with three objectives:

  • Full-time experience in a nonprofit organization
  • Total immersion over a period of 6 to 24 months from the date of full retirement
  • New professional and personal skills for the host organization through the involvement of an experienced employee

Congé Solidaire®

Congé Solidaire® (solidarity leave) is a two-week international solidarity mission, taken by employees during their own time off work. The missions are proposed by the NGO Planète Urgence and financed by Mécénat Servier.

Would you like to apply?


missions completed since the program was set up.

Download the brochure for more information on the program:

L’ARRONDI sur salaire

L’ARRONDI sur salaire (rounding down salary) enables Servier employees in France to make a monthly micro-donation to a partner non-profit organization by the direct deduction of cents from their salary, and potentially an additional €1 to €10. As a sign of solidarity, Mécénat Servier matches their donations.

Would you like to participate?

Results since launch:
Since the program was launched, more than €215,000 have been raised by employees in France and via the Mécénat Servier matching funds.


donors since launch

Solidarity seminars

Developed by Mécénat Servier, solidarity seminars enable managers who so wish to take collective action within a non-profit organization of their choice (Day 1), before working on their own action plans (Day 2). In this way, they strengthen team cohesion and commitment.

Link with a nonprofit organization

Action plan


attendees since launch

Let’s Volunteer

Our engagement platform 

To submit a project to Mécénat Servier as a non-profit organization or apply for one of our volunteer programs as a Group employee, log on to our Let’s Volunteer platform.

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